Time to manage your Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio

  • How much money are you spending on patents and other IP?
  • Are you allowed to sell your products?
  • How can you keep the competition away?
Artemis IPM helps you answer these questions by:
  • Finding good ideas within your organization
  • Protecting them in the best possible manner
  • Aligning your IP protection with your middle and long-term goals
Artemis IPM

Our Services

As costs for IP quickly grow enormous, cost-effectiveness and solid cost management are essential to our service.
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IP Strategy

Together we create the proper IP strategy for your company and set up all the relevant processes to identify, evaluate and protect your ideas.
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IP Evaluations

Does your company have the freedom to operate (FTO)? What is the current state of art? Once clarified, we can bring your products to market and draft patents to protect them.
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IP Management

As the IP environment keeps changing, we need to constantly evaluate our current portfolios and make sure, money is spent on the crucial things and costs are cut where non-beneficiary.

Transparent Intellectual Property Management

Get in control of your IP portfolio with Patent Cockpit: the world's first solution to actively manage your IP portfolio.
Patent Cockpit